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Please share details of upcoming vaccines as you are made aware, along with any corrections to this information.

Thank you to James Wilson for his work to collect & share information



1. Contact your CURRENT VET FIRST to see if they are vaccinating.

2. If they are not, feel free to contact the vet closest to you on this list USING THE PREFERRED METHOD PHONE/EMAIL.

3. Be very polite as some vets have complained about rude phone calls.

4. This list only contains practices that have approved this information being public and accept new clients.

5. This list is only intended for individual pet owners and does not show whether or not the vet does herd vaccination.

6. Vets are only allowed to vaccinate pets of residents who live within their state.

7. Costs are not listed as this is intended for the safety of your pet rabbit and not price comparisons.

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