RHDV2 Vaccine Availability in USA:
These vaccines are currently not approved nor available in the United States except by emergency approval of state veterinarians and the USDA.
Comparison chart is posted below.


Vaccines being ordered by State:

RHD microscope.jpg

A Note to rabbit owners:

THANK YOU for being who you are and caring so much.  Your passion and eagerness to provide the best care possible is a good thing.  Thanks for sharing what you're learning with others too!

Here's a gentle reminder to BE KIND and PATIENT when you contact the vets offices.  They have been incredibly stretched during COVID 19.  The super-caring and passionate professionals listed on this page have had to work extra hard to create new pathways to import a vaccine.   This wasn't in their budget and they are trying to figure out how many to buy with limited information.  Plus they need to pre-pay broker fees.  They need our support.


A Note to Veterinarians:

THANK YOU for working hard to provide this
amazing service.  You are vital in this process and without you, we'd never have the 
option of vaccination.    

There is a growing network of vets working on the importing process.  We have made some broker  connections which will potentially save money, time and energy. 


Also, contact us to learn about a mass-vaccination day model that can be implemented in 50 rabbit increments for the first vaccine or your boosters in a year.  Thank you to the amazing people putting in the time to create this possibility!


RHDV2 vaccine compare.jpg