Other States

The veterinarians in your state need to get approval from their State Vet to order a vaccine. 

There are none approved for use in the United States except by emergency permission during an outbreak in your state.

Only vets in states with confirmed cases of RHDV2 can order one of the available vaccines and get them imported.  


* Focus on biosecurity of your rabbitry/home
* Contact your local vet now to start the conversation about getting prepared once it's approved in your state


* Stay informed and help spread the word.  

Please share details of upcoming vaccines as you are made aware, along with any corrections to this information.

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Let's be vigilant.  It's confirmed in states that border our district.  

A huge cost of the vaccine is the broker fees... Keep in touch!

We have a vet who has agreed to order / receive vaccine in June once approved. (Fingers crossed that it's not because of spread). 

Willing to work with other Vets for coordinated mass vaccination days in Twin Cities and strong potential for breeder visits.  Finalizing price but comparable to other states. Will need to give refundable deposit to reserve. More details soon.