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Our intention is to create and share a growing repository of resources including:

1)  Primary scientific information about this highly contagious rabbit disease presented in succinct visual ways for 
non-scientists and especially youth to understand;

2) Timely updates; and

3) Best practices and information from rabbit organizations and government agencies.

Our hope is that this summary platform will help everyone make better-informed, proactive decisions that will lead to the safety of more rabbits. 


The elephant in the room is that while we may all care about stopping the spread of this deadly disease, rabbit groups have at times been polarized and emotionally invested about their way of raising rabbits.  So regardless of your affiliations or motivations, and the lens we look through, this is a call out to share information, engage in civil discussions, and work together.  We hope this site becomes a useful clearinghouse.   


This site is being built out and maintained by teenagers like me who are stakeholders in this fight to save their rabbits.  Then its checked by several adults for content.
My name is Caleb, I'm 15 and like many of you want to do whatever we can now and while we strengthen our biosecurity / prevention plans, we also want to be proactive in building a coalition.   And there's plenty for all of us to do.   We hope that our youthful energy can be used to do something that makes a difference.  


There are many organizational and agency websites with official statements and information.
We'll share those as we're made aware. There are many very helpful social media groups forming.  This site will share and push all these amazing resources, hopefully complementing what's out there.

Why start another website?

- Perhaps a one-stop unified website with some summary graphics can help bring greater awareness in the general public and in an easy to understand, more digestible format.

- Perhaps it can help attract new allies. 

- Perhaps it can help us connect with others who aren't in our groups.
- Perhaps we can reach others who don't use the same social media preferences.

-Perhaps it can be a useful tool for engaging the next generation of rabbit enthusiasts, vets and scientists.

For all these reasons, we are committed to make this site as accessible and youth-friendly as possible.

It's a strategic decision not to share graphic, disturbing photos here and to focus on the things that bring us together.
Thanks for being constructive and instructive on the Forum once we open it for questions and discussions.

The situation is rapidly evolving, so please contact us with ideas for how to make website more helpful. 
Please also share any corrections with us directly.  We're eager to accept help and feedback.

Thanks to everyone who is laying aside differences and working together to prevent the preventable as we do the very best we can for the rabbits in our care and in our community. 

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