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HRS Policies and Guidelines Regarding RHDV
(Approved by the National HRS Board of Directors
April 28, 2000 and April 23, 2020)

HRS Guidelines to protect rabbits in an affected area during an outbreak:

  1. Limit contact (as much as possible) with places where rabbits might be found, including breeders, shows, pet stores, state and county fairs, veterinary offices, homes, animal shelters, and wild rabbit habitats.

  2. Disinfect one’s person and items following approved procedures when contact with such an area is unavoidable.

  3. Follow quarantine procedures as directed by the regulatory agency.

  4. If under mandatory quarantine by a regulatory agency, all rabbit movement into and out of the premises (including adoptions, purchases, exhibitions, sales, grooming, and nonessential veterinary care) should cease until the quarantine is over.

  5. Seek veterinary evaluation of any unexplained rabbit death.

  6. Quarantine any rabbit who MAY have been exposed to RHDV or its vectors for 14 days; the quarantine for an individual rabbit may only be lifted if the rabbit tests seronegative (i.e., a blood test for RHDV antibodies is negative).

To protect rabbits after an outbreak:
  1. Disinfect affected premises following approved procedures.

  2. Allow no new rabbits on the premises for 12 weeks.


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