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2022 Summer RHDV2 Vaccine Drive-thru Clinic

Updated: May 31, 2022

We are anticipating the demand for RHDV2 vaccines in Minnesota this summer, especially as you prepare for showing rabbits at county/state fair.

With people traveling to areas where the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease is endemic in the wild population, there is a greater risk of bringing the virus home with them on their clothes, shoes, tires, luggage etc.

We are offering two early summer clinics using the Medgene RHDV2 vaccine.

This 2-dose vaccine is administered at least 3 weeks apart and people will sign up for the same session time for each dose.

WED June 8 and June 29 afternoon/evening

SAT June 11 and July 1 morning

If these sessions sell out we might expand and offer additional sessions on those days.

Cost $60 per rabbit -- which includes both doses.

There is a brief well-check exam but there is not full veterinary examination.

Rabbits will receive a microchip if they do not have one at check-in.

There is no additional charge for the microchip or for the service to implant it. We will not offer refunds for missed appointments, but if there are openings and arranged in advance, we might be able to add you to another clinic date for documented emergencies.

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